The best equipment to achieve optimum support and stability during sessions are yoga blocks which help you improve your poses, deepen your flexibility, or just to not give your joints and muscles a hard time. It’s one of the key props for yogis of all levels. Keep your posture and pose longer with the extra support and other perks such as improved strength, flexibility, and injury prevention feature of yoga blocks. We’ll provide you a quick run-down to help you pick the wisest option. Foam blocks are the cheapest pick with cork and wood brick blocks coming in next. If you’re looking for stable support and flexibility then brick-shaped blocks are made for you. Oval shaped blocks are your best bet for restorative yoga. Rounded blocks function to conform to your natural curve and keep your body steady. Cork blocks are known for their durability and one of the longest enduring materials out there. With many color choices, ranging from single hues to vibrant prints you won’t be left out of options, in fact, you just might be overwhelmed. Each block has its own form and function and will be one of your reliable go-to yoga buddies.