Yoga sets or yoga kits, whatever you call it, they basically have the same purpose - to have all you need for your yoga sessions, whether beginner or advanced, in one sweet package. They consist of a practical selection of all yoga essentials and if you’re not sure what combination to go for, whether two or three-part set for specifics or all-around sets for basically everything, we’ve laid out all the best yoga sets for you. They’re your perfect yoga buddies if you’re looking to develop your flexibility or modify your yoga poses. Their portability factor makes it easy for you to carry them around on travels or stash them at your home or set them up at a yoga studio. Tracksuits has plenty of complete sets, for both novice and pros. You no longer have to look for yoga props individually and figure out which goes best with what because we’ve done it all for you. A complete yoga set features blocks, straps, and a mat for starters. The yoga mats we offer per set are equipped to provide comfort and stability on any kind of surface. There are also ones which come in larger sizes for more workout space. Their stickiness makes sure they won’t move an inch as you place weight-bearing hands and feet in place with a yoga strap or block. The yoga blocks for each set are built for different functions such as durability and comfort, balance and support, and all-arounds. Adjustable straps increase your range of motion while stretching.