Yoga has different kinds of style each demanding specific requirements. The physical and strenuous style is Jivamukti while Bikrams would make you sweat a lot and there’s the more relaxed Ashtanga. There are plenty others but the point is you’d need the most suited apparel for every kind of style. Yoga shirts are essential for you to deliver your best while still being comfortable. They come in different styles and fabrics for different functions. If you’d like to cool down in hot summers, a cool tank top is best. Long-sleeve shirts are best for colder weathers. If you’d like to really sweat ala sauna room then knit-styled shirts should be your choice. Temperature conditions are not the only things to consider. Think about what your body moves best in. For more free movements and extended flexibility, loose shirts or tanks are your no.1 bet. If you’d like a seamless, form-enhancing fit where everything stays in place, compression-style shirts are go-to choices. One of the best things our yoga shirts have to offer is their comfy and casualness factors. From a studio session, you can go out running errands or eat out with friends at the local diner. Regardless of your favorite yoga style, the climate you live in, or your fashion sense, Tracksuits carries the best collection of yoga shirts around.