Yoga shorts make great partners to yoga shirts for their cooling and comfy factor. They offer great support and minimal coverage so you can show off those gams. They come in various inseams. A minimum of three inches inseams are great for hot yoga since you’d want to stay cool throughout the session. Five inch inseams offer more coverage while those bordering eleven inches are great for more fluid movements. Yoga shorts also come in diverse fabrics. Performance fabrics are unique for their moisture absorbent and quick-dry factor. There are also shorts made to be light and loose offering extended range of movement or the tight-fitting ones to emphasize every pose. Of course, styles are even more diverse with one-piece rompers, daring colors, flashy prints, or the stylish extras such as adjustable sides or ribbon drawstrings. Really, the collection of styles is endless and you’re sure to find the perfect pair of yoga shorts only at Tracksuits.