One of the most important yet taken for granted apparel in the world of yoga are yoga socks. They are built to provide stellar support and stability even without a yoga mat. These socks have firm grips on almost all kinds of surface to help you hold that difficult pose or maintain your balance during practice. Yoga, especially hot classes, make us sweat buckets and they tend to roll down our limbs. It’s not only uncomfortable but also distracting, without yoga socks, you can easily slip or lose your focus. That’s a big no-no for yogis who are looking to find inner peace and relaxation from the turmoils of the world. Tracksuits offer only the best yoga socks to help you stay put in that sticky mat or any surface really and glide like water through transitions. We have pairs that barely feel like you’re wearing socks at all while still promoting a healthy support to get by from one pose to another. There are also pairs that are thicker to provide warmth during cold sessions. Whatever pair you’re looking for, Tracksuits has it lined up for you to have the best yoga experience possible.